Monday, November 20, 2006

Latest Updates

Here are some pictures were taken lately of my hand and the headlight that I slipped into. (click on the photos for a bigger/clear view)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Truth About Islam From An Ex-Muslim Lady

Wafa Sultan, what an amazing woman YOU ARE!
Definitely, worth your attention!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Egyptian Police Arrest 8 At Anti-Harassment Rally

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Police Brutality in Egypt

Guys, I am sadly asking you to watch this as well...
Why would a woman be treated like that, WHY? And at some fucking police station?!?!?!?! Mubarak, do something!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Read, Watch and...

That's Where I Got Sexually Harassed

Hi Readers,

Please, take a few moments and look at that video where it can give you an idea of what happened to me and how I got chased by guys on Talaat Harb street. It's NOT me in the video, but that's exactly what happened to me as it happened to those poor girls in the video. I took the link from Sandmonkey's blog. That's exactly what happened to me as well, same street (Talaat Harb street), same SPOT of Talaat Harb street, how amazing!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

After Stitches

Here's my hand once again 16 days later after I had the stitches taken out. I went through great pain all the time...


I am one of the females who got sexually harassed on downtown streets on the first day of the fucking feast, more specifically on Talaat Harb street starting from Metro Cinema until the beginning of Sabry Abu Alam street.

There were two other friends with me, a female and her male.

We felt like we were in a war--I had my self defense spray was emptied on the endless number of guys who surrounded us and yet still wasn't enough.

We, girls, had our butts, breasts, and every inch of our bodies grabbed. I end up slipping into a car that was parking on the road side when I tried to catch one of the mother fuckers who insisted and never gave up on grabbing my butt. So, I end up with a deep cut in my right hand palm and another one on my thumb of the same hand as I slipped into the car's headlight that broke and cut my hand. 6 stitches on my hand palm cut and 3 on my thumb--still my anger is pretty fresh in the deep inside of me that makes want me to put all Egyptian men on fire right now for what they have caused. What the fuck mother fuckers? Don't you have sisters who can also face the same thing as we did? How the fuck would you feel about this knowing your sister's butt and breasts got grabbed by the guys on the street?

I think you better act cold towards that since you might be one of the assholes who grab other girls asses. But let me tell you this: It's NOT and NEVER the girl to blame you sons of a bitches, it's NEVER the girl, NEVER! It's you to blame for doing such things to girls who you could consider them sisters and try to protect them not fucking grab them and show the world the worst picture of how Muslim men are who say and insist on how good people they are, but to tell you the truth, Muslim men are the worst human being on the entire planet and they just don't know it. Oh no, they don't even deserve to be called human beings, they are ANIMALS--FILTHY PIGS! Mother fuckers, You're putting Islam in the worst image ever in front of the world!! Think about it, assholes, think about it! YA WELAD EL KALB.