Sunday, December 17, 2006

Police Brutality in Egypt II

The Egyptian victim who got tortured by the Egyptian police, speaks up to Orbet.

Another Butt Grab

That's my online chat with a friend about what happened last night (Saturday, December 16th).

I beat up someone tonight
Friend: huh?
Me: well, ok, right after I left the net cafe, I was walking back to the subway passing by the AUC
Me: some young boy who could be 13 or 14 walked by me and touched my butt and I knew he did it on purpose which anyone else wouldn't have suspect him as I did saying he is a little kid.
Me: I didn't even turn around or anything to make him feel safe that what happened was just nothing... I knew he was going to return to do it again and my feelings and thoughts were right...
Friend: hehe
Friend: go on
Me: so, I pretended blind that I haven't even saw the boy coming back and there was two girls in front of me on the same direction who the guy just appeared from behind them and at this moment I have grabbed him from the neck and pushed him against a car was parking on the side.
Me: I would have still known if he was coming from my back because I had his picture in my head at this moment, so if he would have came from the back, I would have recognized his shadow
Me: anyway, the boy seemed so surprised for what he was receiving from me
Me: as soon as I pulled him against the car (can you imagine what I am trying to describe?)
Friend: yes
Me: I was like "so, you're returning back to do the same mistake twice which you don't seem to learn from the first time, huh?"
Me: “you know what I am going to do to you now, sweetie? Can you see those police guys over there? I am going to call for them to come and bust your ass"
Me: His eyes went bigger from how surprised he was
Friend: idiot
Me: the boy almost died in my hand from how I was holding from the neck
Me: which were I have controlled him totally
Me: I could tell he couldn't even bring a word out and his eyes started tearing not being able to breath
Me: I was holding him with my right hand and my left hand was getting ready to slap his face's right side
Friend: good
Me: but he held it not to hit him
Friend: you should learn how to hit with the forehead
Me: and I went like "you can't escape from what you will receive from me, because you will get it, you will get it, so better let my hand go or I am calling the police"
Friend: it's a devastating hit
Me: I know, but I would be worried I would harm myself this way
Friend: that's why I am saying you should LEARN how to do this hit properly
Me: He let my hand go then I asked why the fuck would you do such a thing when he can consider me like his older sister which if he saw his sister receiving such a thing from some asshole like him, he would protect her. He started saying sorry and all but I still said that I will get his ass busted.
Me: i would want to learn
Friend: they never learn, unfortunately
Friend: they only get scared
Me: so at this moment, I have very hard slapped his face with my left hand where I was still holding him from the neck against the car
Friend: after some time they return to behaving like pigs
Me: he went like "why are you beating me up, I said I am sorry"
Me: I replied "because you deserve it"
Friend: of course
Friend: he deserved much worse
Me: he started crying and asking me to let it go and forgive him
Me: at this moment one of the security guys from the AUC came to see what's going on
Friend: I hope you slapped him at least one more time before letting him go
Me: I told him what happened which is why I am giving him shit and in front of the security guy I have slapped the boy's face again telling him that I am going to get his ass busted
Me: I did
Friend: good
Me: he started crying more and the security guy held him for me and was wondering if he wants me to get him arrested and the boy's body was shaking, so I said no let him go and I hope he learned his lesson
Me: but before he left he asked the security guy to let go his hand and the boy almost kissed my hand asking me to forgive him before I leave.
Friend: of
Me: I looked at him and I said "I hope you learned your lesson. You're still young and have a life in front of you because something like what you did, I have the right to put you in jail and that's where you will spend most of your life. Now go and I hope you will behave towards others"
Me: He was crying and bowed on my hand to kiss it, but I pulled my hand away, petting on his shoulder and asked him to go after I gave him my advise

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virtual Humor

Santa's Sexual Harassment trial takes a dramatic change for the worse!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Hand Is Healing...