Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And Life Goes On...

Dear Readers,

Big apologizes for being gone forever without a word. I have been real busy with lots and lots of changes (good changes) that have been happening lately in my life. I am currently in the USA for my marriage and my permanent stay.

Frankly, I am happy I am finally out of this god damn hell called "Egypt". Everyday passed while I was still there was as slow as a snail, counting the days by the hour, minute and second till I finally got on plane and just flew away. It been real boring, HOT (I hate heat), people are getting more sick being so strict and fanatics and they don't talk without arguing with you about anything you would have to deal with them about. Most of them just had no manners nor a way of knowing how to talk with you politely and aggressively. It was just getting worse and worse. That was one of the reasons I mostly stayed in doors not wanting to go out and deal with strict cretins. Hopefully Egypt and its government burns in hell soon. Oh well, now that I am in the US, I am a lot happier, more relaxed and feeling SAFE. [taking a deep breath]

Hope you're all well.