Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just got off the phone with my family to wish them a happy Ramadan. The news was on TV when I was asking if Ramadan either on Wednesday or Thursday. Mom put the phone on the TV's speaker to let me hear the news announcing that Ramadan's first day is on Thursday! DISASTER!!!

I asked the family how are people being like that Ramadan is at their doors now. Dad said that everyone seems so frustrated that Ramadan starts just right before school starts in Egypt. Pretty frustrating for everyone. That also brought the black memories to my mind about me being attacked and sexually harassed last year. Hard to forget, but I am trying to move on.

I am very happy to be somewhere else at this time of the year. I hope those who caused my big pain will not enjoy the month at all and end up in pain, too.

Happy Ramadan to those who are worth it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Men of this kind deserve to have their balls chopped off. Ya mother fuckers, ya welad el kalb, circumcising is ILLEGAL! What part of the word "ILLEGAL" isn't clear for your asses to get it? Why the fuck isn't the government arresting those assholes and hung them in public for killing our innocent girls everyday?

Guys, after reading the news on these two links below, I am all sad and my world is just blank. I wish there will be a solution soon for this disaster. Harram kedah elly beye3meloh fi banatna dah. They are killing them this way not protecting them as their idiotic minds believe.

Sigh. . .